to those who won’t see the light in your eyes

I do not need You

to tell me that I’m beautiful, smart, independent

artistic, exciting, creative,

kind, loving, caring.

I do not need you

to kindly bestow your love on me as a prize

to tell me: “Congratulations! You made it

You’re good enough for me

You’re never too much

Or too little

You know when to talk

and when to shut up

You don’t talk about bleeding

or hormones or pain

instead you just put on a smile and ask me questions and laugh at my jokes

again and again

(even when they’re boring as hell)”

No, I don’t need you

to approve of my choices

to tell me what a woman’s supposed to do

and what she isn’t

to tell me I’m too loose or too prudish

to tell me I’m showing too much skin

or too little

and I don’t need you

to make me your little wife

the quiet angel of your house.

No, I’d never trade my wings for your undependable love.


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