December: a month in review

Hello my beautiful friends!

I got an idea to write about the month of December and to tell you about some of the things that made it such a special month to me. Also, please let me know if you like this sort of posts and if you would like me to do them monthly. I quite like this idea myself, especially in the times when I’m feeling quite uninspired to write anything more poetic haha. Anyway, this is going to be a long one so get yourself a cup of tea or something haha!



As I said, December was a really special month to me. It started out really not great and ended up fantastically, and there was so much growth happening in between. At the very start of the month, I got super ill. It only lasted a few days but I couldn’t eat anything, had horrible stomach pains and fever. Some sort of treacherous virus that thankfully was short-lived. However, it lasted long enough to get me kicked out of my drama school’s annual Christmas show in Usher Hall as I skipped a whole two rehearsals due to my illness. They take things pretty seriously there.

When I found out I couldn’t take part in the show anymore, I was in tears. I was so angry for a few days and felt bad that I was missing out on spending time with my course mates in the rehearsals and having this pretty cool show on my CV. However, once I made my peace with the fact that I can’t do anything about the situation and now need to make use of an extra week of holidays, I sort of turned the situation around. I think it really turned out to be a blessing in disguise. In short, I don’t think that if I could go back I’d try to prevent this happening anymore.


If you knew me personally, you’d know that I can’t stand not having some sort of occupation that  keeps driving me forward. Whether it be work or study or some sort of intense social activities, I need to have something that keeps me constantly busy and out of the house. During this extra time that I suddenly had I didn’t have any shifts at work either as the change in my availability happened too late, so I literally had way too much free time on my hands.


So I had to do something that would make me feel I was using this time purposefully. I started going for long walks in a nice natural area with hills in Edinburgh with my flatmate and her brother’s dog and I absolutely loved it – even when it was chilly or rainy. The little Jack Russell kept us busy, and I found myself enjoying fresh air, exercise and good company of my friend. I also arranged to see a few other friends in this period which was nice.


Moreover, I finally (wo)maned-up and created myself a schedule for working on things that I really wanted to achieve in the coming months. I started learning to play my first musical instrument (apart from a few long-forgotten piano lessons) and bought myself this beauty – ukulele. I also started working on some skills that I need to improve for drama school and exercise more. I even baked banana bread (and the last time I baked was probably back in the early 90s lol (not really, I was a baby back then, but you get the idea)). I found myself enjoying the little steps I took to improve my abilities. Some other valued acquisitions this month include this amazing Bowie print that I have been eyeing in a little Old Town gallery since I saw it and my first pair of Dr Martens.



Then, around the 18th day of the month, my life became really fast-paced. First, I had one friend visiting from Italy while also working. Then, another friend came over to visit from Ireland. Then Christmas came and it was the best Christmas I’ve ever had: celebrating with friends, lots of good food and wine, and singing 80s songs together. Then  I went to England for a few days for a Catholic youth forum, stayed in the most gorgeous boarding school that literally looks like Hogwarts called Stonyhurst College where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle studied, met lots of amazing people, danced every single dance at a Ceilidh, and saw beautiful Scottish Borders looking like winter wonderland on the way there. Came back home, had the best New Year’s Eve party with friends and acquaintances, met some more wonderful people, and finished the year happy as a bunny. Sometime in the month I also met someone that for the first time in an incredibly long time made me fall a little bit in love, had a fairy-tale-like couple of days with him, got my heart a tiny bit broken, yet still feel glad I had this experience. Not everyone we meet will become our future spouse, yet sharing a wonderful experience and feeling that someone can’t take their eyes off you can be such a positive thing. These experiences often are what our best memories are made of.


Lastly, on the 1st of January (ok, it’s not December I know, but how can I not mention this?!) I went to the cinema twice in a day and saw both the new Star Wars and Pitch Perfect. They were both amazing as expected. I also discovered my new love for sweet popcorn (I used to be salty all the way).


I am incredibly grateful for the month of December. I never felt so happy in my life, except for maybe the year I lived in Italy. But this month has been a close second. I discovered how much I love being with people, formed new friendships, significantly reduced a lot of my fears, and opened up my heart to people and experiences once again.

If you stayed this long, I take my metaphorical hat off for you. I’ve been rambling for literally ages. That’s it for now, thank you for being here!

Eve xx




10 thoughts on “December: a month in review

  1. Learning to play ukulele has been on my “to do list“ for some time… I would love to read more about your progress with this instrument. Maybe I will get inspired enough to tackle the goal, as well, haha! I wish you good luck with it and all the best!

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    1. Well it’s not that easy when you haven’t played any instrument before but it’s really fun! I haven’t made much progress yet though as I didn’t have time to practise over the festive period. Hope you give it a go and have a fabulous 2018! 💛


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