Merry (?) Christmas

Lately more and more people on social media have been speaking up about how Christmas isn’t a joyful time of year for everyone. I’d like to offer my input as well.

This year I chose not to celebrate Christmas with my family. That was a completely free choise. One of the main reasons for it was that my dad and my grandmother from my dad’s side passed away this year. It doesn’t matter that we had a relationship which to call difficult would be an understatement and that I have barely spoken to either of them in the last few years. It doesn’t matter. A bereavement is a bereavement. You can’t mask it with fairylights and tinsel.

Instead, I’m planning to have a couple of festive dinners with friends as I always enjoy those and at the same time don’t feel pressured to think about how my family should be close and happy when it has always broken and fractured. And I really have been quite happy lately as I allowed myself to be honest with myself and others and say that I don’t really want to celebrate Christmas in a traditional way this year. 

We all have different paths through this life. Maybe one day I’ll get the joyfulness of Christmas and perhaps will even have a close family of my own and it will be wonderful. But for now I’m happy and comfortable being who I am and celebrating only in my heart, welcoming the appearance of the Lord on this Earth two thousand years ago, and everyday since then.

That’s all I wanted to say – you’re free to choose to celebrate or not celebrate Christmas as you like. Even if you’re a Christian like me, there are many other (perhaps even better) ways to mark this special occasion than decorating trees and buying expensive presents. 
That said, Happy Holidays to everyone who chooses to celebrate in any way 💕

Eve x

6 thoughts on “Merry (?) Christmas

  1. Good for you. I hope it IS merry! I usually have a very nice Christmas with family but had to miss it this year because of the flu, which always makes my usual depressed state worse. I’m sorry for your losses this year.

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    1. I actually had an amazing Christmas with friends so I really feel that it works better for me not to think about family stuff this time of year. Thank you, and I’m really sorry you had to miss it this year. Get better soon!

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