My God is not a metaphor

There’s nothing in the world more beautiful than God. Once you have found him, you have found everything. You have found Beauty and Art and Passion and Love beyond all measure. You have found your roots and your blossoms. You have found your potential to be a wonderful creature and a wonderful artist, more splendid and luminous than you ever thought you could be.



My God is not a metaphor. He is not an idea, an abstract concept, not an energy or anything of the sort. He is a person, a real, amazing, beautiful, creative, passionate, and sometimes absolutely hilarious Person. All of our best qualities: our humour, creativity, passion, love, friendship, and kindness come from Him. He has created us and now he wants to become His little creators, his little artists. He wants us to paint this life in blue and yellow and green and pink and all the colours of the rainbow, to make it splendid and beautiful for ourselves, for each other and for the whole Universe, nature and animals included. He wants us to sing, to laugh, to dance, to love, to forgive, to create. He wants us to grow like trees and spread our branches higher and higher until they finally reach the sky.

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