86400 seconds. 1440 minutes. That’s how many moments, how many new chances each of us gets in a day. To make a choice. To start something new or to keep on doing what we’re already doing.



I’ve been thinking a lot about how we use our time. I’ve been bed-bound with some dreadful virus for the last three days, could barely eat or do any physical activity; even talking to a friend was often too much effort for my sickness-ridden body. Although I hate being sick as I feel so unproductive and I really miss having social time, even if it’s just for a couple of days, this time I think I was also learning some important lessons which I would like to share here.

First of all, our relationship with food. Since I had this nasty stomach virus which made me loathe the sight of food for at least a few days, I learned that I didn’t need to eat as much as I’m used to in order to function and be in good spirits. I was guilty of over-indulging, especially lately, in both normal foods and chocolate/junk food. I’d often use food as a type of “medicine” to counteract tiredness or frustration that I was feeling. I also have been living in a habit to always keep my stomach full, to immediately become alerted when I was feeling hungry, to the point where I couldn’t physically fall asleep if I felt hungry. Now, I’m pretty lucky that I have a metabolism that prevented me from going overweight even when I was really indulging in junk food and binge-eating for long periods of time. But these habits really made me dependent on food in a way that I hated. Although I seem to have recovered from my illness completely, this ‘change of habit’ even if only for a few days, really changed my mindset as well. I don’t feel the urge to emotionally eat anymore, or eat out of my boredom, or when I’m watching something. I was forced to let go of this habit and I’m really happy with it. I hope that it lasts for the benefit of my health. I guess sometimes it takes a big shock to our organism to really let go of some rather self-destructive habits.

The second thing that I learned and that I think is really important for me is that there is so much time in every single day that we can use either productively, working towards our goals – even by taking very small steps to achieve them – or completely waste it by spending the whole day binge-watching a TV series. Now, don’t get me wrong I am the strongest advocate for films and TV shows as forms of entertainment to inspire, relax and fill us with a certain kind of fuzzy happiness during our downtime. BUT I think the key is to let these wonderful TV-watching times stay in our downtime area and not creep over into our workworkwork area to the point where it takes over the whole day. Now I don’t mean that you should be working when you’re in bed sick with a fever, but I had many many days when I was off on holidays and although I had great plans to make progress with my various goals, I wasted the days binge-watching TV series or films although I was perfectly healthy and able to do much more. Then, I have these weeks during the semester when I’m on the go 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, with work and studies, homework, projects and assignments, and I keep dreaming that I’d caught up with all my work and made progress during the holidays so that I wouldn’t have to kill myself in order to meet the deadlines, learn my lines and be overall satisfied with my performance. I nearly ended up quitting my job and having a mental breakdown due to lack of time this term, and I certainly don’t want to continue this tradition going into the New Year.

So I guess that’s it for now. Hope that some you may find this helpful, but to be honest I mostly wrote it because I think I will find it to be a helpful reminder to myself how important it is to form good and healthy habits, and make great choices throughout the day. As always, please feel very welcome to share your thoughts in the comments below!

Until next time,

Eve x

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