Getting started 

This post is probably less of a statement and more of a thought, an inner debate, so I’d be very happy to receive any thoughts or suggestions on the topic in the comments section. 


There are so many things I would love to do or get good at doing them. For example, I’d love to become good at dancing and movement, as well as singing; I’d love to learn to play at least one musical instrument; to watch more good films and learn from the actors’ performances; and lastly, to learn to cook some tasty and healthy recipes. 

I keep dreaming about doing all these things but when it comes to the point of actually doing them, I waste my time and procrastinate and never get any of them done. 

I’m not sure if it’s fear of failure or laziness that has the greatest impact on preventing me from doing all these things. I guess it’s a combination of both. But how do I overcome it? I definitely feel that I really want to do all these things, and what better time to do them then now when I’m in my 20s?

So I guess that’s my question for you guys: do you struggle with similar issues and do you have any tips to overcome them? 

Eve x


10 thoughts on “Getting started 

  1. I have felt this lack of motivation and I have realised that as I get older, the regret will be much stronger than it is now. It actually freaks me out to think that one day may come where I say ‘I wish I did that when I could’ as I know what it feels like with the regrets I already have. I’m still in my twenties, I will never get that back. I’m also not religious, and this helps me do things now and not wait until a ‘later’ that sometimes doesn’t come.
    Great shot of the squirrel by the way!


    1. Hey thanks for reading and commenting! The picture is not mine unfortunately, I wish haha. But it’s pretty amazing nonetheless.

      I definitely don’t want to regret not having done things when I get older so that kind of keeps me motivated sometimes. But in a way it’s also looking at yourself and how you’re going to feel in a “distant” future which unfortunately doesn’t always prevent you from procrastinating in the present. In terms of religion, I am deeply religious but not sure how that has to do with anything – even religious people want to live in the here and now and experience the best of it. At least I do 🙂

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      1. I agree, procrastination is a pain to overcome. We both seem like people that want to live life and experience what we can whilst we can, let’s keep fighting procrastination!

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  2. Unfortunately the best way to do, is to do! But I’m similar in finding it hard to motivate myself 😛

    Instead of trying to do everything at once I used to write down three smallish things to get done each day, and that actually helped a little. It’s pretty satisfying to cross things off a to do list! Now it’s become a habit I just get on with things automatically ☺️

    Hope you’re well love xx

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    1. That sounds like a good tip, writing things down in a to-do list. Although I have an unfortunate tendency to forget to open my notebook once I’ve done that so might not always work out 🙂 will have to give it another try though!!

      Hope you’re well too xx


  3. I think discipline is the one lesson we keep having to re-learn. When there are things you don’t have to do, and you are acutely aware of it, you’ll always be tempted to take the option that takes less or no energy. So we all wake up painfully early for work because we know we have to – the bigger picture of paying the bills. But then things that you have a desire for have no necessity other than your want. I guess ultimately the key is to plan ahead, make those plans and make it hard for yourself to back out (like telling a bunch of people you’ll be taking a singing lesson). Reading it just made me relate to it a whole lot ^^

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    1. Wow what you wrote here really encapsulated how it works with me (and I guess most people). If I know I HAVE to go somewhere and someone holds me responsible (like school, work etc) I will do it even if I’m grinding my teeth meanwhile. It’s an interesting idea to make plans that are hard to back out of – it’s something I’ve done in the past when I struggled to have a good social life due to my anxiety and it kind of worked. So maybe I should try and find a way to do it with my current goals, too. And glad you could relate, too! xx

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  4. Absolutely. We don’t want to come across as hypocrites or flakey to our friends and family (even though we may all be just that) so if that verbal confirmation to others binds you to the thing you are trying to commit to, I think that’s a huge form of self-discipline. Totally related and got an idea for a new post thanks to you! Ta 🙂

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