plot twist


I wish I had the words

but the words don’t seem to come to me right now

so I’ll just play with them

until they fall asleep.


too many feelings

and no time to express them

so many fears and joys have climbed out of their cradles;

they dance and play around me

and each has its turn.


I used to think I knew who I was

I valued my identity

my thoughts, opinions, tastes

the way I speak

the way I feel.


and when I finally let go of all of that

how much freer I feel;

I am who I am

and I may change

no… I will inevitably grow and change.


the most important thing is I’m alive

I do what I love

I have people that I love

and people who love me

I can create

and see colours.


what more do I ask?

why would I need to define and confine myself

when I can be whoever I want everyday?

learn, play, explore.


Be an actor in my own life

and see where each scene takes me.



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