The Mystery Blogger Award

Hello my blogging family! ☉

So I finally decided to do the MBA post. I believe I have been nominated for this a couple of times before by different bloggers, but at the time just wasn’t in a good place to write this post (although I really really appreciated the nominations). However, last week I was nominated once again by two fantastic bloggers whom you should all definitely check out – Maddie a.k.a shatter the fourth wall and Stew a.k.a chocobosage. This time, I decided the time has come to do it! I would also like to thank Okoto Enigma for creating this award.



  • Display the award logo/image on your blog
  • List the rules
  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and provide a link to the nominator’s blog
  • Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
  • Answer 5 questions from the nominator
  • Nominate 10 -20 bloggers

Three Things About Me

My favourite colour is yellow and at the moment I feel like wearing yellow-everything. T-shirts, jumpers, coats, you name it. It’s a bit of an obsession. 

When I was a child I was really obsessed with cats and thought I could communicate with them. Basically, I thought I was a cat stuck in a human body.

I speak fluent Italian and Italy is my favourite country in the world (apart from my home country, Lithuania). If I could live in Italy and have my life and career there, I would move in a split second.

Here are my answers to the questions from Maddie (shatter the fourth wall):

1. Do you think you spend too much time on social media?

I definitely spend too much time scrolling on my phone sometimes, but currently it’s not a big issue as I have very little time to do it 😀

2. Do you think people are born evil or become evil?

I don’t think people are born evil. I think that all human evil comes from our brokenness, experiences that scarred us in the past.

3. What’s your favourite lyric?

Probably these lyrics from Candy by Paolo Nutini. Can’t even explain why, I just like the feeling of them.

I was perched outside in the pouring rain
Trying to make myself a sail
Then I’ll float to you my darlin’
With the evening on my tail
Although not the most honest means of travel
It gets me there nonetheless
I’m a heartless man at worst, babe
And a helpless one at best

4. Do you believe in second chances?

I believe in one million chances, yet there are situations (like cheating) where I think it very unlikely I’d give someone a second chance.

5. What lie do you tell yourself regularly?

That I’m not good enough.

And here are the ones from Stew (chocobosage):

1. How do you like to spend your Sundays?

Really depends, but an ideal way to spend them would probably be a morning with a good book/film + coffee, and an afternoon with friends doing something fun. Or traveling! 

2. If you could eat any meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Pizza! But I know I’d get sooo sick of it if I had to eat it every day. Although once or twice a week is not a problem at all as was proven by the year I spent living in Bologna.

3. What would you consider to be the greatest novel of the 21st century?

I haven’t read many contemporary novels so I’d say anything by Alexander McCall Smith, he’s a great soulful writer.

4. What one item could you not live without?

I think I could live without anything as far as items are concerned – but let’s say my phone ’cause it has my music in it ^^

5. Your favourite album?

Oo difficult one – but probably the soundtrack of La La Land. This is based purely on the percentage of songs I love in an album. (Normally I’d say something by David Bowie but I tend to like his individual songs rather than whole albums).


These are the bloggers whose answers I would love to hear. They are all absolutely amazing writers and you’ll do well to check them out 😉










My Questions for You

Have you ever done something which you’d considered impossible before?

What’s your favourite song? And why? 

What’s the best piece of advice you could give to your younger self?

If you were a flower, what flower would you be?

Do you believe in miracles? Have you experienced any?

That’s it for now! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this *slightly oversized* post! 🙂

Eve x

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