Where have I been?

Hello my lovely blogging friends!

I’m aware that for the last couple of weeks I’ve been really rubbish at posting, and I haven’t written any proper posts except for a few bits and bobs of poetry. I’m not nearly big-headed enough to think that many of you would have noticed my absence, but I did definitely miss blogging and interacting with my fellow bloggers and I thought I’d love to catch up with you and update you on what’s been happening with me.


So the main reason why I let my blog go a little bit (although I’ve still been reading and enjoying your posts whenever I could, while traveling on the bus mostly) is I have started drama school on the first week of September and so far it’s been the busiest period of my life. Literally. I never fully comprehended how intense it would be. I have to be at school pretty much 9 to 5 every day, have plenty of homework and projects going on. I’m also working every weekend so the amount of me time and time I can spend doing other creative stuff I enjoy (like blogging) has decreased dramatically. Not like I can really complain about the lack of creativity in my life as I’m pretty much forced to do lots of creating every day on my acting course, but it leaves little to no time to things like drawing, blogging, writing in general etc. Or rather, no energy as I’m mostly totally knackered.

Since many people are starting new studies at this time of the year, I thought for some of you it might be interesting to hear about my experiences and impressions of drama school education. Personally, I’ve heard very little about this type of ‘education’ or ‘vocation’ before I went into it, and wasn’t really sure what to expect.

First of all, drama school is an extremely intense thing to commit to and it really requires heaps of dedication to your (future) profession. Since I’ve done ‘normal’ University before, I can compare the two and say they’re almost nothing alike. At normal universities or colleges you usually have a few hours of lectures a day, maybe a couple of seminars thrown in, and afterwards it’s mostly private study/projects/essays. Now, I’m not saying it’s easy in any way as I’ve been through four years of university myself and I know firsthand that it’s frickin’ hard. What I want to say is that drama school education is a completely different kind of intense study. We have very little to none actual ‘lectures’, and even the more theoretical classes involve some actual practice of the theories we’d just been learning. We have things like improvisation; actors movement (which is basically two hours of non-stop improvised dancing which leaves you feeling like you have no control over your limbs); three-hour long classes called ‘the World Today’ where we basically have to discuss the latest events in the world and then create devised theatre pieces in small groups and perform them in front of everyone; dancing (ballet, jazz, tap dance etc); a couple of singing classes; yoga; and a project every term which basically includes working on a play, auditioning for a role in it, and then putting a show together for the end of the term (and this is just the first year!). We also have homework to prepare for most classes, and theatre outings whenever something good is on in one of Edinburgh’s many theatres. Granted, these are not obligatory to attend but if you love theatre as much as I do and want to learn from the best, you pretty much have to go. Basically, there’s a lot of stuff going on.

On the plus side, you can’t really call the stuff that we do boring. I’ve never really been into books and research, and for the most part our course is all practical stuff so that really works for me. As I’ve mentioned before, every day you are creating, playing theatrical games, exercising your body and soul and witnessing amazing performances from your classmates and teachers who are all experienced and successful actors and theatre professionals.

I think the hardest part of being in a drama school is how competitive it is. We are made to perform in front of each other and give feedback to each other every day. It’s very hard not to compare yourself to other people in your course who are already pretty amazing actors at a very young age (granted they do have much more experience than I do, as I got into acting much later than most). It’s hard not to doubt your place in the course, although you’ve got in the same way as everyone else – through a day of auditions which tested your abilities in various ways. Yet it gets to me, it really does, and not comparing myself to the others is the hardest thing to do at the moment.

So this is my little catch up. I could ramble on and on, but I’m not sure if would be very interesting for people who are not in the field. Anyways, I missed you my blogging friends! Please feel free to share your thoughts and what’s happening in your life right now in the comments, I’d love to know!

Until next,

Eve x

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