When I smell good-quality dark chocolate

The smell brings me back to my childhood

I have no idea why

I didn’t use to like dark chocolate

I’m still not keen on it

But the smell takes me back nevertheless.

Why is it that we so often idealise the times gone by

Which were full of pain and tears and uncertainty?

Yet now that they come back in a flashback 

They seem so sweet

Sweet as honey

Sweet as chocolate.

I guess the sweetness is recognised only through the lense of the distance

It was always there but we never tasted it

We shared in friendship, in love, we ate good food and were merry

In the small intervals between one trouble and the next

Yet perhaps we were never present

To recognize the honey-like sweetness of those precious moments.


* I usually use my own photos but this time Google helped me find one! 


3 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Nice post, i guess we easily recall the good times and hide away the bad memories. Though they soon resurface when prompted, it’s like pain really. You know something will hurt but don’t remember how it feels until it happens again.

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    1. I think that’s true as well, but my point was more to do with the fact that I recall both good and bad times, but then I notice the good in the hindsight in some moments that were only made precious by time. Like spending time with my family when I live away from them now, or being free from all sorts of worries and concerns that come with adult life which I couldn’t really apprrciate before I got to know what adult life is like. If that makes sense 🙂

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