Words that create magic

Do you ever stop to consider how wonderful the Art of writing is? We, human beings, take one simple medium – a word, which by itself is just that – and create new worlds and stories, paint pictures of happiness and sorrow using this one medium. You can read hundreds and hundreds of scientific articles, and sure, you will be able to learn a lot of new things and facts, but the words will never be transformed into something else, they will never create another reality like they do in poetic/fiction texts. What’s more, even the most beautiful fiction story would be completely barren if we didn’t have the imagination to connect it to our own personal experiences of colour, sound, smell, touch and human emotion, which allows us to see it in a different light, personal and individual to each of us.

Creativity and imagination are two of the greatest gifts bestowed on humanity. You give a sculptor a block of stone and he will make the glorious figure of David step out of it. You give a painter a pot of colour and he will mould it and shape it in a way to represent either the realistic, natural beauty of the world or the fantastic, surreal images of our dreams. You give a writer a word, the ability to use language, and he will create stories that will have the power to make you laugh, weep, but most importantly, the power to inspire and transform you.

I remember visiting GaudΓ­’s La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and how I was completely overwhelmed by the realisation that one human being created such breathtaking structure out of very simple mediums like stone and glass.

I think a lot of us go through life never realising how gifted we are if we are able to engage in the act of creativity in one way or another, and how amazing it is that we have the ability to create entire worlds and stories out of what is essentially nothing – a stone, a pigment, a word.


6 thoughts on “Words that create magic

  1. Ok, it’s very funny to see this post because I have been thinking about this a lot lately! I find myself constantly doubting the importance of creating and fiction and imagination and reading this somehow made me feel a little more happy about it all. Thank you very much for your words. I couldn’t agree more

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