We are often so tempted to judge the quality of our life based on certain milestones and whether we have achieved them yet or not. Milestones such as graduating school, Uni, getting our dream job, getting married, having children etc etc. A lot of us are guilty of getting so caught up in pursuit of those milestones that we forget that very often the memories that we cherish and carry within ourselves forever are not of those big things but of the short and fleeting moments in which we experience life’s fullness, whether by ourselves or sharing in them with someone else. The moments when it seems like time stops and that moment becomes eternal.

We all know that we should live in a moment instead of constantly striving after one goal or another, and never allowing ourselves to actually live before we achieve that goal. Even when we do, the milestone itself often feels rather anticlimactic. I didn’t feel any fireworks when I graduated from Uni, but I remember that day because I was sharing a lovely time with my friends and family. Hence, the experience for me was much more about the moment than about the milestone achieved.

Even with things like past relationships that didn’t work out. I don’t regret having had most of those relationships because although they might have been pretty shitty in the hindsight, in every one of them I experienced some beautiful moments that felt like a movie scene, something made out of pure magic. Those moments are framed in my memory forever and I will always be glad I had them and shared in them with another human being.

Do you cherish your significant moments more, or the milestones you have achieved? (Both are great things, to be sure!)

Eve x 


4 thoughts on “Moments

  1. Agreedo! I literally make it a thing to appreciate the chill moments like singing in the car with my friends, talking politics with my mum, reading a book on the train… Unless you appreciate the little luxuries in life, you’ll never know to recognise the big ones.

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    1. Defo! I’m honestly so happy because in the last month or so I was able to recognize awesome moments at the time they’re actually happening and appreciate them there and then! Like driving through the countryside back home with my mum listening to old school rock on the radio and singing along.. and many others!

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