Life goals

Lately, I’ve realised how many things I still want to do on my little journey of life. I thought it would do me good to write them all down in a somewhat orderly manner because I tend to get pretty forgetful of them. Obviously, not all these things are going to happen but keeping a list of things I genuinely want to do would probably help me in the times when I feel lost and bored with life, and forget about things that I could do to feel alive again.

So, here we go:

1. Traveling. I love traveling, but I’m never really in the best financial situation to embark on traveling adventures, especially to foreign countries. Still, the hardest part of traveling for me is organising. I prefer to travel with other people but I hate organising so I’m usually left waiting until some of my friends organise a trip somewhere and ask me to join. My biggest organisational achievement to date was planning the routes for my friends who were going with me to Rome in November. Being the one who plans what you are going to see is not all bad, of course, because it gives you a sense of control. On the other hand, I’m much more of a wanderer when it comes to travelling, and my favourite mode to see the sights is wandering around the city streets aimlessly until I discover something of interest rather than always following a map.

However, I feel like if I really want to do more traveling, I’ll have to overcome my hate of organising (ugh!) and for once be the one who chooses a destination, dates, accommodation and invites others to come along.


2. Go to more plays/gigs. This again ties into my dislike of organising. I absolutely love going to the theatre and concerts, but it also requires some advance planning. Which means I’m often left relying on other people’s initiative rather than gathering friends to go somewhere myself.

3. Study photography + buy an actual camera. I’ve been immensely enjoying taking pictures and experimenting with focus/perspectives/editing for a while now,  but my phone camera, good as it is, doesn’t have the same high quality/ability to catch details as a proper camera would. This is actually something I’m planning to do pretty soon.

4. Learn to dance. I love dancing, especially modern dance. However, with my inability to coordinate my limbs which, unfortunately, characterised me since I was a child, the dance lessons I had now and then didn’t get me anywhere near a graceful gazelle. However, I’m not too worried about this as my acting degree will include some ballet/jazz/tap classes so I’ll be forced to improve starting September.

5. Learn to sing properly. I was never that girl from The Phantom of the Opera. However, I was a half-decent singer when I was growing up. As a child, I auditioned for a couple of semi-professional choirs and was, miraculously, accepted. Since then, however, it all really went downhill, and although I love singing, I realise that my voice is nowhere near good now. I hope that with some proper training I can get it back to at least half-decent again.

6. Learn to play the guitar/ukulele/piano. I love it when other people do it, but I can’t do it myself and I find it pretty annoying that I can’t. Hopefully, by the time I learn to play those, I’ll have a decent voice to accompany them.

7. This last point is dedicated to things I’d love to try but I’m not sure if I’ll ever have the guts/money/dedication for it. I would love to learn film-making and perhaps filming a YouTube video or having an entire channel of my own. I would also love to learn horseback riding and creative writing. As for the last, I obviously have a blog and I do write little pieces of poetry (poorly) now and then, but I just can’t write fiction – be it short stories, novels or anything else in that spectrum. As a child, I did write stories. I wrote an entire children’s book (not very long) about the life of some forest animals and an alternate ending to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (because I couldn’t get over how Sirius Black died, he was my favourite character). However, nowadays I find it incredibly hard to create characters and I don’t want to force it if it doesn’t come naturally.

Anyway, here’s my list of things I hope to achieve in the near future. I obviously didn’t include acting dreams as this is my main goal for the many years to come, and my absolute dream would be to be an actress in a touring theatre company and actually make some money from it.

I’d be happy to hear about your goals and dreams in the comments, or to be linked to your lists if you decide to make similar!

Eve x





5 thoughts on “Life goals

  1. I may well be you in 25 years. Many of the things on your list are achievable, just take less of a priority when you are in your twenties. It’s wonderful that you have goals, you will get there, from your future self πŸ™‚

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    1. That’s true, obviously I wouldn’t be able to achieve them all in the next couple of years but that’s not even the point for me. This post was mostly in celebration that there ARE so many things in life that I want to do whereas I used to be completely lost a couple of years ago and wouldn’t be able to think even of one thing. I love being excited about life, it’s a novel sensation to me. Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚

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      1. My pleasure! It’s wonderful that you have clarity; there are so many things to look forward to indeed! Life is precious and I’m as excited today as I was starting out on adulthood. Take care 😌

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