mornings and coffee


I like my mornings. I like waking up and getting my first cup of coffee. I like drinking it while doing my morning pages. I like knowing that it’s a new day and I get a new chance to live it as best I can, not giving in to little and big annoyances and worries (although I rarely, if ever, succeed).

I also like my evenings after work sometimes when I come back home and eat a little snack before going to bed. I get really tired at work so sleep comes easily those days.

I’m not so fond of my afternoons as they bring a lot of anxiety to me. During the day you feel like you have to do something to make that day matter. You see everyone rushing about with matters of business or leisure and you can’t help thinking this is what you must be doing too. I get anxious during the day but I rather like my mornings and evenings.

I wish I had the freedom to live every day exactly the way I wanted to live it. Not worrying about anything or anyone. Just doing what my heart lusts after. Maybe one day I will succeed and I will defeat my old Enemy, Fear.

I miss my friend O. I miss sitting with him in local hipster coffee shops and discussing art and life. I wish he never went away, but then again our relationship was always frustrating to me, to both of us. Nevertheless, I wish he came back as we have so much to share.

Eve x


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