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La Sagrada Familia

As you enter the cathedral, you are assaulted by colour. I think that’s the best way to describe the sensation. But it’s certainly not the kind of colour that is unpleasant or tacky. It’s exactly the opposite. They are the colours that make your heart sing; they make you feel like you’re already in Heaven (I hate exaggeration of all sorts, so believe me I’m not).



After spending a few moments in Sagrada Familia you are bound to get at least a little glimpse into what Heaven on earth must look like. Cooling blues and greens on the left make you feel like you’re in an igloo somewhere in the Deep North watching the northern lights penetrate the walls and fill the little ice room with a divine light. The warm yellows, reds and oranges combined with lush, life-bearing greens on the right are nothing but Life, pure life flowing through the veins of this church. Finally, the columns rising like trees and spreading into the blossoms of some exotic flowers on the ceiling create the impression of being in a living, breathing forest made of stone and glass and pure light, nevertheless pulsing with life more than any biological forest on Earth.



What it all does to you is make you realise the amazing gift of creativity that God passed on to some people. It’s a kind of Creativity that can have no earthly origin as no one on earth could think of and create such beauty without being inspired by the divine light. For those of the world, this beauty is unthinkable and unimaginable. There’s nothing on earth that resembles it in the slightest, and so it must be a piece of mirror glass reflecting a corner of the Heavenly Kingdom.


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